5 Useful Online Tutoring Tools To Keep Your Students Engaged

Because of the situation that we are in now, the whole learning system has moved from teaching face to face, to do the same process online. In the beginning, there were certain problems either because this was something new for everyone, or because of the lack of computer skills and having to wait a lot more for a problem that can be solved quickly or not knowing how to show the online whiteboard so everyone can look at it.

However, some of the students were only getting into the meeting and they were not present, so the professor has to talk alone and there was no communication between them, except for some of the people who were responsible and well engaged during that. This loses value because you are not only working with a few of them, but everyone in the group so everyone has to learn in the same way.

To get them active, and to get them to start doing things and learn more, there are many tools that you can use to attract their attention to make things interesting for them and get them to engage more, so this is why we made this article, to show you some of them that you should start using.

Use a tool to make the sound better

You have surely noticed how the whole lecture gets disturbed if you are not able to hear the others well, or even worse if everyone is not able to hear what are you saying. There are many apps that you can use that filter out the sound and make sure that you can be heard and the lecture can go on.

Find a good online whiteboard

You have to show them, or explain to your students what are you actually talking about, so the best way to do that is to visually do that so they remember it better. Using an online whiteboard can help you to make them understand how certain processes work while drawing to them, or just make schemes with arrows so they can see what is going on.

Use a video tool to make them understand things better

This is actually an online whiteboard that you can record on and use some pre-drawn things to help you. Sometimes, just drawing on an online whiteboard is not enough, and there are tools that you can use which record a video and you can use previously made drawings to explain the process easier. There are many people that use this, not only when they are tutoring, but also when someone tries to teach people something on the internet because it is the best way to remember things.

Get yourself a platform to track their answers when they are having an exam

You should be having a platform that you have chosen that is reliable, and that cannot be misused by them having the answers open. There are many of them, you just have to make research on what is going to work the best in your situation, depending on the format of the questionnaire you give.

Use a plagiarism app to see if they are just copying

When planning on giving them essays that they should write outside of the lecture, you have to keep it fair for everyone because it is not okay for someone to put in the effort, while someone else just copied from somewhere else and them to be scored the same. There are many tools that you can use to help you find out if something has been used that is already written. You just have to see which one works the best for you. They are free for a certain amount of words, and after that, you either have to create a user on their site or just purchase the tool and have no worries in the future.

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