6 Essential Ways Retailers Can Prepare For Seasonal Sales

While most customers are enjoying the summer sun, retailers, and certainly those who seek to be well-prepared, use the summer period to consider the coming seasonal sale. It is the festival period for retailers that generally sees the most sales made with Christmas and the New Year being a time of significant profit. As such, it makes good sense to ensure that a high street shop is able to best capitalise on the seasonal spend.

If, as a retailer, you aren’t already beginning to consider how your retail space will fare during the increased footfall and product purchasing, then it is certainly worth reading our six tips, since they will not only help your shop to retain its reputation during a busy and potentially stressful time but also to perform as best as possible as shoppers celebrate the end of another year.

Form A Team

It tends to be the case that the seasonal spend of customers justifies the need for extra sales representatives and staff members on the high street. Failing to hire according to demand can leave retail operations falling short of sales and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the festive period is also one of personal time off, which is why having extra support can be useful as it allows staff members to enjoy their time away.

Stock Accordingly

While there may be grumbles from certain customers at the sight of greeting card units being filled with Christmas cards in September, the sales figures should quell any retail concerns. Customers are proven to think ahead, making seasonal purchases ahead of time, and the retailers who meet this need will find success, even if occasional shoppers claim festive-themed stock appears too early on the shelf.

Make Some Room

Depending on your shop’s capacity, it might be worth considering how to increase the walkways and browsing space of your store so as to be able to accommodate a greater number of shoppers during the seasonal sales. This can be accomplished by making plans for storage, choosing modular retail furniture, or even redesigning shop counters to be more flexible.

Share Offers

If you are planning a seasonal event, sale, or discount, there’s little harm in sharing the information early. Even a casual mention from sales staff of an upcoming sale helps to both spread word of mouth and encourage customers to return at a later date.

Plan Campaigns

From festive store designs to social media campaigns, a successful display is achieved in the planning stages. Such considerations are best made ahead of time, enabling retailers to gather the team and products that their seasonal displays and services require.

New Year

The end of the year is a time that passes quickly. Among the busyness and festivity, retailers will find themselves in January before they realise. As such, it is advantageous to make arrangements, such as rota and promotions, for the new year in advance, so that the tasks aren’t left until the last minute.

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