​All you need to know about your bank’s net banking facility

Gone are those days when banking transactions meant standing in long queues. Thanks to technology, banking has been aggressively revolutionised. Currently, mobile apps for banking and internet banking have made banking transactions effortless across the globe. The easy availability of banking applications and net banking has made it easy for customers to conduct various tasks with a few clicks.

All major banks like IDFC FIRST Bank provide free banking apps and net banking services that can be downloaded easily on your mobile. With net banking, you can easily access your savings account anytime, assess your account activities, shop online, pay bills and transfer funds anywhere.

Let us now go through some of the crucial benefits of using a net banking account or an Android banking app.

  1. Ease of operation

A smartphone with a good internet network is required to bank online successfully. Unlike traditional banking, an online bank account offers high convenience at zero hassle. With net banking apps, you can take good care of your banking requirements even on public holidays and weekends.

  1. Paying with credit card dues via net banking

By using internet banking to repay your credit card dues, you can eliminate additional charges, which you may levy in case you repay your dues through the traditional mode on the day you require making the due payment. This is because if you repay your credit card through traditional mode, it may take 2-3 days for the issuer to receive your payment finally.

Thus, if you are opting for the traditional route to repay your card due, paying your bill at least 2-3 days before the due date is recommended to avoid levying any late payment fees.

Here’s where net banking or mobile banking apps come in handy. This is because if you use the online mode to make your due repayment, your due often reaches the creditor on the same day of making the payment.

  1. Offers security

With banks taking crucial steps to curb internet fraud, internet banking has steadily emerged as a secure and safe payment mode. You will notice that most banking sites now feature timed logouts, deactivation of your net banking service after repetitive incorrect attempts and distinct authentication steps to access your internet banking.

Also, banks ensure that their sites have additional encryption. IDFC FIRST Bank is especially vigilant, taking preventive measures to protect sensitive customer information. A single data leak can have a damaging impact on the reputation of the bank.

  1. Convenient

Using IDFC FIRST Bank net banking, you can access distinct banking facilities anytime from anywhere. You do not require dragging yourself to the bank anymore to conduct your banking transactions as you can easily perform the same using the app or bank’s site with a click on the button.

Whether it is fund transfer, bill payments, creation of recurring deposit/fixed deposit, net banking or Android banking app permits you to perform most transactions and activities conveniently. Thus, instead of visiting the bank and waiting in a long and never-ending queue, net banking has made banking activities accessible through a few clicks. However, you must use this facility carefully because of the risk of illegal transactions and phishing.

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