Amazon Account Suspension: Is There Any Way To Get Your Account Reinstated?

Are you wondering why Amazon suspends the seller central accounts of sellers? Keep reading as appeal guru reviews this issue in the following article!

Amazon’s Seller Central Account suspensions are not rare. Yes, that’s true. Day in and day out, Amazon has been suspending inadequately performing seller central accounts. But why do they do so? What is the reason behind all these suspensions?

Well, the reason can be anything from product policy violation to selling inauthentic items. Sometimes, Amazon suspends the seller’s account even if they are selling genuine items. So, what if your account gets suspended? What should you do next?

Well, the simple answer is that you have to make an Amazon suspension appeal if you want to get your account reinstated. Stay tuned to know more about why Amazon suspends sellers’ accounts and how you can appeal against it.

What Are The Reasons Behind Amazon Account Suspension?

Here Are The Three Common Reasons Behind An Amazon Seller Central Account Suspension:

1.  Poor Customer Service

Amazon focuses on customer experience. To ensure that all the sellers provide their customers with excellent knowledge, they have established some performance targets. These performance targets include:

  • Order Defect Rate, which should be less than 1%.
  • Late Shipment Rate, which should be less than 4%.
  • Pre-Fulfillment Cancel Rate, which should be less than 2.5%.

If you aren’t providing your customers with an excellent shopping experience, then your seller central account may be on the verge of suspension.

2.  Violating Amazon Selling Policies

Do not list any product in the restricted product categories without getting approval. If you do so, then Amazon will suspend your account. One such example is the fidget spinner. It requires permission to be listed due to Amazon’s child safety policies.

3.  Listing Inauthentic Products

Amazon can suspend your account if you list an inauthentic item in your store. If you open duplicate accounts, they will discontinue both the accounts and never allow you to sell again on Amazon.

How to Make an Amazon Suspension Appeal?

Making an Amazon suspension appeal is not so hard. However, you do need a plan of action to execute the request. Here are some steps you should follow while appealing:

1.     Resolve all Pending Cases, Issues, or Tickets

The first thing you should do is fix all the pending issues, tickets, or open cases in your seller central account. It will help you in maintaining good account health.

2.     Try to Find the Real Cause of the Suspension

Before moving on to make an appeal, try to find the reason behind the suspension. Also, try to solve the issue.

3.     Create a Plan of Action

The next step is to create a plan of action, which reflects steps you will take to solve the issue that has caused the account suspension.

4.     Make an Appeal to Amazon

After creating the plan of action, send the appeal to Amazon by visiting the seller central account’s Performance Notification section.

5.     Wait for Amazon’s Reply

After sending the Amazon suspension appeal, wait for up to 48 hours.

So, what do you think? Was this information helpful? If yes, then stay tuned as appeal guru reviews how to win a buy box on Amazon in the upcoming article.

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