Benefits of Using Custom Marquee as an Advertising Tool

Do you still rent marquees when necessary? It can be costly if you need them more frequently, not to mention ineffective as an advertising tool. Your business is better off with a custom marquee in colours that represent your brand and a logo proudly printed on it. So, each time you use it at any event, you have more opportunities to make a statement and be memorable to your target audience. If you don’t have one yet, take this as your cue to have one customised by an experienced and reputable company that offers affordable and high-quality marquees.

What else can a custom marquee do for you and your advertising efforts? Here are more benefits you can expect from using one:

Boost brand awareness

Given their size, custom marquees have a lot of room for printing your brand name and/or logo, so anyone who sees them can identify your business and recall your brand easily. They capture the attention of potential customers while helping them become more familiar with your brand. Consider planning the layout inside your marquee to effectively display products, engage customers, do product demos, and make a better impression about your business to prospects.

Cost-effective advertising

Every time you use your custom marquee, it serves as a free advertisement for your business. You don’t even have to pay expensive fees to show off your brand every time, unlike when you use traditional print, TV, and radio advertising. In most cases, you’ll only have to pay for event space when participating in a trade show or expo. Don’t forget to add some cheap pull-up banners to make a stronger impression with your branded marquees.


Custom marquees are multipurpose structures that are useful on many occasions. Partnering with an experienced manufacturer allows you to design and customise one for every event. If you’re trying to save money, you can invest in an all-around marquee that will serve you for many purposes, such as trade shows, company picnics, expos, charities, sponsorships, and more. If you regularly join or hold events, consider investing in multiple custom marquees that you can connect to scale to the amount of exhibit space you need.


Are you hosting or participating in an outdoor event? A custom marquee can do wonders as an instant shelter against the sun and rain while effectively showing off your brand, especially if you’re sponsoring an event, organisation, or sports team. Marquees are easy to set up anywhere, as long as there’s enough space. After use, dismantle and store the parts compactly in their carry bags, so you can transport or keep them easily. They won’t take up much space during storage. Just remember to clean them before storage, especially if exposed to rain or moisture.


A high-quality custom marquee will last you through many events, so you can keep using it without worries. Reputable manufacturers use robust aluminium hex-400mm frames and high-grade 600D Oxford fabric, which is anti-UV, fireproof, and waterproof to ensure long-lasting products. They also provide a three-year warranty on the frame.

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