DBS Checks Can Be More Accurate When Put Online

To keep school children safe, certain guidelines have been established by the government to keep track of recruitment and other checks that may be difficult to keep track of, but not for long. These checks must be recorded on your Single Central Record, or SCR, and there are now companies that can convert your spreadsheet into an online SCR document. They do this by keeping track of all of your safeguarding recruitment checks and keeping them together for easier management, saving you a lot of time in the process.

All Types of Checks Are Accommodated

The companies that offer online DBS checks, or Disclosure and Barring Service checks, also provide assistance with other types of checks, including:

  • Section 128 checks
  • Children’s Barred List
  • European Economic Area (EEA) checks
  • Qualified Teacher Status checks
  • Prohibition checks

These companies make all of these checks more manageable and more organised, and they keep your single central record up to date at all times, even sending you emails to remind you when the checks need to be completed so that you never forget about this important task.

Making Your Life a Lot Easier

If you’re employed in education in any way, you already know about these mandatory checks, and having one online location that handles all of these checks is truly priceless. Most of these companies offer their many services for one small annual fee, which means you can easily keep up with these checks year after year with little effort on your part, making your life as an educator or administrator that much simpler.

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