House Renovation Ideas In 2022

The pandemic has restrained us indoors for the past two years. The work- and study-from-home trend has become the new normal, urging most firms to offer permanent remote working options to their employees. Our houses have become our safe haven, and finally, we can pay attention to taking up the reorganisation and remodelling of our places that have been pending for a long time. More and more people are re-organising and renovating their homes to suit the shifting lifestyles and make their living spaces fit for work, study, and healthy and happy living.

According to some interior designers, the house renovation ideas we will witness more in 2022 are listed here:

  1. Coloured Cabinets

Spending more time indoors has led people to add a personal touch to their space. Adding colour to kitchen or living room cabinets is an excellent way of adding that personal touch to your space – be it purple, red, or green. Neutral colour tones like white, grey, or browns enhance the elegance of a place, be it a kitchen or a washroom.

  1. A Home Office/Work Space

As entrepreneurs or employees, we all need a separate space to work. When the pandemic struck, most people’s dining tables or beds became their offices, but after two years of work from home and a new variant of the virus coming in every few months, we all need dedicated working spaces. Converting a spare room or even sectioning out a room as a home office is something most people are resorting to.

  1. Enhanced Outdoor Spaces

People are now trying to enhance the outdoor spaces of their homes, like their outdoor living rooms. From aesthetically pleasing awnings to stylish outdoor furniture, fire pits and barbecues, and pergolas are some upcoming trends in 2022.

  1. Textured Walls

Textures are another way of revving up the dullness of your homes. With the wide range of faux finishings and wallpaper options, the walls get dimensions, colours, and visual relief. The three-dimensional wall panels also add to the modern and contemporary style people are now looking for.

  1. Sustainable Decor

With the rising climate-change concerns worldwide, people are now conscious of the environment and are switching to sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives of living. Durable materials and surfaces, solar-powered lights, garden spaces, and refurbishing old furniture are a few things they are incorporating in their homes.

  1. Bold Colours

People are getting creative with colours on their walls. While a lot of them are picking black accents, painting an entire wall black, or even black outer walls, most are going for bolder colours like olive, magenta, royal blue, maroon, etc., to add a personal touch to their homes and also use it for colour therapy.

  1. Multifunctional Areas

We have adapted to living minimally in the last two years with all the restrictions imposed. Multifunctional spaces are becoming a common element in every home. A combination of the living room and office, a workout-office space, or even a bedroom and side-hustle room are common multifunctional spaces in trend.

  1. Green and Greenery

Green has always been a soothing colour shade that adds freshness and comfort to the room. With the adoption of plants as pets becoming an ongoing trend, people are adding plants to their living rooms, window ledges, and even centre table pieces.

  1. Large Windows and Glass Walls

The pandemic has restricted us indoors for over two years now. People switch for large windows and glass wall partitions to avoid claustrophobia and let more air and light come into their houses. Interior and exterior glass walls are an excellent way for the homes to appear open, spacious, inviting, and provide privacy.

  1. Back to Tradition

Furniture and decor from our parents or even our grandparents times do not seem outdated anymore. Those add the culture and tradition of our families to our homes, making it more personal. And, who doesn’t love a bit of antique decor?

From coming in mostly to sleep in our homes till 2019 to being home 24*7, the last two years made us appreciate our homes. Our homes have become schools, offices, workshops for us. Hence, renovations have become necessities, and most people are going for large-scale renovations. These large-scale renovations come at huge costs. One of the easiest ways of financing these renovations is taking up personal loan. With around 10% personal loan interest rates and flexibility in the scope of their purpose, these loans are one of the best options to finance your home renovations without making a dent in your savings. The loan EMIs can easily be calculated online with personal loan EMI calculators, and thereby you can plan the extent of your renovations from the comfort of your home.

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