Improving Warehouse Space Utilisation by Streamlining Inventory Storage


Warehouses are not cheap to operate. You need a significant amount of money for the land, building, machinery, and labor costs, plus the cost of the items stored in the warehouse. That is why you want to make the most of your warehouse operation. You can achieve this by streamlining the placement and picking of goods, minimizing goods storage, or automating operations to reduce labor costs and improve accuracy. Also, you can maximize space utilisation and ensure you can store as many items as possible in optimal space.

How to Improve Space Utilisation

Just because you have a big warehouse does not mean you won’t have to deal with storage and warehousing problems. A big warehouse means that your business can store big numbers of items there. But, this will have an associated cost. Additionally, if you have a big warehouse, your people might not use space efficiently which can cause unnecessary travel times between locations. This will cost extra fuel costs, loading and unloading delays, and labour costs.

But, companies that use a smaller warehouse tend to get creative which can result in improving space utilisation in a warehouse. This means short travel times, improved overall warehouse efficiency, and improved loading and unloading. You have great options at

To maximize space utilisation in the warehouse, use containers which fit the items to be stored. Usually, some parts are not packed and must be placed in a storage container before storing them on the racks. Because many warehouses have storage containers in different sizes, they tend to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Thus, this can result in containers not being filled properly and this can cost your company some money.

Keeping Inventory Visible and Easy to Find

When warehouse space utilisation is maximized, inventory will be easy to find. A number of warehouses that have limited space will cram products on a shelf. They believe this approach is helping with space utilization. But, this can be detrimental since it can be difficult to find certain items if there are bigger items placed in front of them. As a result, picking and delivering items to customers is being slowed down. When customers don’t get their orders on time, they will be frustrated and unhappy about how you run your business.

Whether you are using your company warehouse or renting a warehouse, it is important to prioritize space utilisation. You want to make the most of the space you have to streamline the storage process and deliver products on time.

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