Introduce your brand to the world with Google display ads

Google Display Ads are here to make one of your wishes come true. Which one? “Empowering you to advertise your brand on high quality websites at an affordable cost!”

Over 90% of Internet users worldwide can reach out to display network sites. That is a huge number. So if you really want to raise awareness of your brand, Google display network is the right place because it has over 259 million unique visitors and 3.5 billion daily interactions.

And in this article, we are going to talk about Google Display Ads and Google Display Network.

What are Google Display ads?

Google display ads can be shown when people are browsing the Internet, watching videos, checking Gmail, or using apps in the form of banners.

Google Display Ads can be seen by:

  • People who are interested in your offers
  • People who visit websites related to your offers
  • Users who have shown interest in your specific product, services, or website in the past (With retargeting)

As a business owner, you want your target audience to get to know about you and your brand, an ideal move to build brand awareness is using Google Display Ads. Because these ads are shown to potential customers for your offers. Google Display Ads can help your business to promote, improve sales, and increase leads.

You are able to adjust and set everything for your Google Display Ads, such as:

  • Keyword
  • Placement of Ads
  • Topic of Ads
  • Interests of the users
  • Gender of the users that you want them to see your ads
  • Age of the users that you want them to see your ads

What is Google Display network?

Google display network is a collection of over 2 million websites and apps that can show your image and banner ads.

For instance, imagine you are on the lookout for a new shoe on Amazon, but you don’t end up buying the shoe. You’re looking at shoes you don’t buy. You might have noticed in the past you have done something like that, whether it’s shoes or any other product. Furthermore, you notice an ad the next day that might be exactly that same product or something similar to the product you were looking at but on the same website.

Why does that happen?

It happens because of the Google Display Network.

When somebody comes to your website. They’re going to get the cookie and that cookie is stored in their browser and so that’s an important piece of the whole process because that is how Google determines who that visitor is!

What Google display network is best for?

Best used for top-of-funnel activities, like brand awareness, these ads are shown to users who may not have an immediate intent to buy but are only researching.

It also is easier to advertise products that don’t satisfy an immediate need.

Google Display Ads can be used to familiarize users with your brand. Users are shown these ads on over a million websites.

Some Advantages of the Google Display Network

  • Advanced Targeting: With the Google Display network, you can particularly point to a specific website that you want to advertise on. You can really pick and choose a specific audience that you want to remarket to.
  • Advanced Tracking: When we are talking about advanced tracking, we are talking about remarketing. You can really pick and decide who you want to remarket to and use cookies to track them and pick and choose how long you want the cookies to be with them. So, it will help determine how many times your ad was displayed, how many times it was clicked, and much more.
  • The Ability to Advertise Your Brand to A Broader Audience: There are more than 2 million websites in the Google Display Network. This can significantly help increase reach and exposure for your advertisements
  • Create Demand for Your Product: With appealing ads, you can create the demand for your product. Google Display Networks provides the required visibility and exposure to make this possible.
  • Increase Website Traffic: If you’re advertising on Google Display Network, you have the opportunity to get your ad in front of millions of people and have the opportunity to get a lot of clicks. So, your website will gain visitors much more than ever.
  • Wide Range of Formats Available: unlike the Search Network Ads, which are only text, Display Ads are more visual and can be animated for increased effectiveness. These ads provide higher click-through rates and higher conversion rates.
  • Remarket your product and services: The biggest advantage of using the Google Display Ads is remarketing. It is such a key feature. Somebody comes to your website and doesn’t do what you want them to do, you can retarget them by the cookie and keep pursuing them to become your customer.

Final words

As we mentioned in the beginning, Google Display Ads can do a unique thing to your brand. With Google display ads, you can target precisely the people who you want to be marketed or remarketed in the right place and right time.

So if you really want to take a big step in building brand awareness and then elevate your business, you should undoubtedly use Google display ads.

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