Kick Start your Business by Importing Popular Products from China

If you have just started your imports business and are looking for products that are likely to attract potential customers to your company, then you might want to look at importing popular products from china. If you look at statistics China happens to be one of the largest exporters in the world.

Researching is the Key

The simple reason why many companies flock to China for import products is due to its low standard of living and pegging of their Yuan to the dollar. Now, you simply cannot pick out one Chinese manufacturer and have all your products manufactured by them.

You have to keep your options open. You might have heard of the popular saying “Do not keep your eggs in one basket”, the same principle applies here. First of all, you need to determine which would be the most profitable product that you can import and boost the sales of your business.

Searching for Chinese suppliers on your own might require a lot of time and effort on your part. It is always better to take the help of sourcing agents who can scout for the best Chinese supplier for the things you can import from China. These agents are fluent in Mandarin and can act as a mediator between you and your supplier in terms of factory audits, negotiations, and quality inspections.

Sourcing agents are middlemen that can help you locate reliable suppliers locally on your behalf. You just need to pay them the hiring charges and specify your requirements on the suppliers. They will then work closely with various manufacturers and do on-site testing.

Some of the tips that can be useful when you search for any Chinese suppliers include:

  • Rely on credible vendor directories to get suppliers
  • Ensure that you check the vendor history and their experience
  • Look at reviews shared by existing businesses
  • Ask for work samples
  • Ask questions and see how well they answer
  • Check the payment options available with them

If you hire sourcing agents, all the above hassles are taken care of them and you get to focus on your orders. Sourcing agents will have good networking skills and will be able to find credible suppliers that would match your requirements.

Ensure that you visit the location at least once. You also get to inspect the quality of the products manufactured and make modifications, if required. This can help build rapport and trust with the suppliers and even get discounts on bulk orders. Ensure that you brush up on your knowledge about China and are well-versed about their shipping locations.

While looking at the shipping locations, you might even need to think about the different types of shipping options that might be available for you. Some of the common options include:

  • Air freight – Orders are generally delivered within a week
  • Express couriers – Orders are delivered between 2-5 business days
  • Sea freight – Orders are delivered between 30 – 60 days

All your orders can easily be tracked on the websites, thereby giving you a timeframe to commit the orders to your clients.

The next step you need to pay heed to is the permits and licences required for the things you can import from China. It is always better to check with your local authorities about any special permits or licences that might be required. You might also need to enquire about the customs and taxes that can get imposed on your products.

The key to a successful business is to begin small. There are many products such as clothes, accessories, and toys that are high in demand and sell easily. After you have established your brand in the market, you can gradually expand to other product verticals.

Hiring sourcing agents can also ensure that there are no delays in order deliveries and the entire process is completed within the given timeframe. If you have huge orders, the sourcing agents can also help identify other suppliers that can complete the orders for you.

Investing in the Profitable Products

If you are an amateur businessman, then it is natural that you will get overwhelmed by the number of things you can import from China. Now, not everything would be useful for your line of business. You need to carefully search for the products that would best suit your target audience and can help improve your company sales.

If you are unsure of which products to import, then the below list might prove to be useful. These are some of the popular products imported from China:

  • Clothing, T-shirts, and fashion accessories
  • Makeup accessories such as facial rollers, nail polishes, cosmetic brushes, and hydrocolloid patches
  • Travel products such as backpacks, water shoes, disposable face masks
  • Electronic items such as cell phone car mounts, tire inflators, Wi-Fi extenders
  • Phone and computer accessories such as tempered glass, phone chargers, printers, and scanners
  • Led lights, mirrors, and ring lights
  • Security cameras
  • Home décor items such as pillows, furniture, tables, and chairs
  • Toys and pet supplies
  • Kitchen appliances such as air fryers, meat thermometers, and garlic presses

You can always ask the suppliers to produce a small batch as a sample. You can then check the product to check if it matches your requirement and then place the final order.

Now, not all products can be added to the things you can import from China. There are certain restrictions on certain items that cannot be imported.

Perishable products such as food or meat are restricted from importing. Due to the long distances, these foods can be easily spoiled and are at high risk of spreading diseases due to contamination.

Alcohol and other liquor products have certain import restrictions. There are certain strict policies in place that require different licences to import liquor.

Fragile products such as glass or valuables need extra care to be shipped off to the order location. This is the case; many businesses tend to deal with importing fragile items.


Investing in popular products for your import business can help create a niche in the market and improve your brand image amongst potential customers. Hiring a sourcing agent proves to be highly beneficial for you, especially if you plan on exploring the Chinese market for your products.

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