Philadelphia personal injury claim: Avoid these mistakes

If you sustained injuries because of someone’s fault, intent, or negligence, you could potentially sue them in Pennsylvania for compensation. Filing a personal injury lawsuit in Philadelphia can feel overwhelming, which is the precise reason why you need to seek legal representation. Contrary to popular belief, legal advice does not come for an exorbitant cost, at least for accident and injury lawsuits. Most Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys take a contingency fee, which is only payable when you win a settlement. However, you may want to avoid some of the mistakes listed below. 

  1. Accepting the first offer. Don’t be fooled to assume that the insurance company would be fair in assessing your injury claim. Claims adjusters are infamous for their tactics and ways, and the first offer is likely to be much lesser than what you should get. 
  2. Dealing with the insurance company directly. Like we mentioned, insurance companies often try their best to deny and delay claims. If you don’t have an attorney on your side, you may feel the pressure to accept their offer. Let an attorney negotiate on your behalf. 
  3. Not collecting evidence. As the claimant, the burden of proof in a personal injury case is on you. If you don’t act immediately to collect evidence, you may lose valuable data. Always ensure that you take pictures of the incident/accident scene, your injuries, and other important things. If there were witnesses to the accident, note down their details. 
  4. Not taking action in time. The statute of limitations in Pennsylvania allows a period of just two years to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you don’t file a case within that deadline, the court will reject your claim. Always work on the case early. 
  5. Hiring any random attorney. You don’t need a lawyer – You need someone specializing in personal injury law and who has relevant experience handling similar cases. Take your time to find a reliable lawyer in your city, and if that means interviewing a few, that’s never a bad idea. The first meeting with a personal injury lawyer is usually free. 

Finally, ensure that you are aware of your rights. If you don’t want to give a statement to the insurance, wait for the lawyer to take over. A skilled attorney can handle the claims process and ensure that you don’t miss valuable evidence and time. You can expect the lawyer to file a lawsuit in court if necessary. 

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