Workplace Investigation Timeline

Though many managers and human resource professionals are poised to do work that is meant to advance and empower their employees, sometimes conflict occurs in the workplace that they must also investigate and handle with care. These transgressions that occur within the workplace will require these managers and human resource professionals to handle the situation in such a way that the interests of the both employees and the organization at large are considered and protected. While prevention of these transgressions is the priority of most businesses, being prepared for them to occur is just as important. The investigations that follow will need to be conducted with the right protocols to ensure that employees and their trauma are being treated and handled correctly.  Remember, it’s also the responsibility of these managers and HR professionals to accurately identify transgressions, aid employees impartially and reach a conclusion from an objective perspective. To better prepare your organization for these potential threats, review the resource paired alongside this post.

Workplace Investigation Timeline from HR Acuity, a company specializing in employee relations software

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