How Can Signage Improve Sales?

Brands and business owners know that one of the major challenges that are faced with any retail business is to get your customers through the front door. This can be the case no matter how big or small your business is. While some businesses or brands benefit from a more robust marketing campaign many others must take a more passive approach when attracting their customers.  Word of mouth is key to this type of marketing but in the end, making your business easy to find and attractive to customers is crucial when you are growing your customer base.

First Impressions Last

Build a lasting impression for your business.  According to Jamie from Leeds based Dock Street Signs “First impressions mean everything, and this is so true in a business environment too.  This first impression will reflect on your brand, so you want it to be a lasting and more important a good first impression, as you only get one chance to make that first impression after all.“  Signs are a major factor in driving purchases and affecting your customer decisions.  Signs play an important role in attracting customers to a business and to an individual product.  An attractive sign is memorable and enticing and it makes the customer want to know more about that product.  If a sign has misspellings most customers will not shop at the business or at a business with a poorly made sign either.

Directional Signage

Do not also forget your directional signs around your business too.  This will help your customer to find their way and not have to trouble or ask an employee where something is.

Promotional Signage

In-store, advertising can be a valuable tool for getting those purchases on products.  Half of all in-store purchasing is made on the spot.  So, these signs are important to act as a way to introduce new products to promote sales and tell customers about the goods or services that are available in that store.

Reinforce Your Branding

Signs can also help to build your brand by repeating key messages found in your business main branding.  This will make your customer remember your brand and keep these images in their mind for future purchases or to recommend you to their friends and family.

Moderate Your Signage

Moderation is the key to success with signage.  Great signage is important to the customers but too many signs can confuse your customer and be an overload of information for them.  Nowadays there is so much advertising, on television, newspapers, bus stops, and marketing messages everywhere including on social media.  So, you do not want your signage to get lost amongst all of these.

Businesses focus should be on quality rather than quantity.  It would be best to have a few well-made signs for your business to attract customer attention and provide valuable information, then lots of badly made signs with too much information that makes your business look bad.  This means you can target your perfect audience to convey the message you want to get across to them without the hard sell factor.

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